Imlay 3mm-Super-Pull-Cord Bag

Imlay 3mm-Super-Pull-Cord Bag


A new little bag for 3mm Spectra "Super Pull Cords"

Advent of the FiddleStick and other ghosting techniques has allowed use of super-light spectra pull cords, aka "Super-Pull-Cords". This is a bag for Super Pull Cords, and holds 300 feet easily. While a smaller bag could be made, it would become quite difficult to stuff. Therefore, I am offering the smallest bag that I think can be easily stuffed. 

(If the only color available is “Assorted”, that means we are out of stock)

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Unlike our other rope bags, this bag has no foam. Don't throw it into pools.

I do not recommend "super" pull cords for general use as a pull cord. Not getting your rope back can have serious consequences. Smaller-diameter cords will cut and/or abrade over an edge (on a difficult pull) much easier than 6mm pull cord and 8mm ropes. Be smart. Choose your tools well.

Dimensions: 10" tall x 6" Diameter (at top)

Weight: 3.6 ounces or 103 grams

Made in USA


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