Imlay 6mm Pull Cord (Static)

Imlay 6mm Pull Cord (Static)

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In Stock in all sizes. Color is White w Orange and Red - as shown.

NOW with 5% more, all lengths. (e.g. a 200 foot cord is actually 210 feet)

Our cord is Poly sheath and Poly core, and absorbs quite a bit less water than nylon cords. It is also quite a bit more static, so you won't need to fight the stretch. Works better! After using a very pretty but very stretchy nylon accessory cord as pull cord for a couple of years, I figured it was time to make some 100% Polyester pull cord for superior performance.

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Pretty? White with a some colored tracers? Hey, it's just a pull cord.

Weight: 2 lbs, 0.5 ounces (per 100 feet).

Strength: about 2200 lbs. This cord is meant to be used as a PULL CORD only. Do not rappel on this stuff - it is not strong enough for that.

Available in precut lengths of 50, 120 and 200 feet, and cut to order in lengths up to 600 feet. (By the foot is 10% more expensive). Check out some rope shrinkage tests and rope absorption observations! 

The 200 foot length works well with the Imlay Pull Cord Bagette, though more conveniently in a Bagarino. I would be hesitant to use a pull cord longer than 200 feet except in ideal pull-cording conditions. AND I find less than a 120 foot pull cord not very useful except in specialized circumstances.

More Info: Imlay Canyon Gear


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