Our Reviews

Canyoneers occasionally drop us notes and letters letting us know how our products are working Out There. Whether you write with critique, praise, or tales of gripping adventure, we love reading what you have to say. And since nobody speaks as frankly about CUSA goods and services than our clients, we'd like to share a few endorsements that suggest we might just be doing some good in this world. 

If you'd like to weigh in on any CUSA products, please drop us a line.


As a beginner, I found your store to be a very useful source of info, with your comments for the items you sell resembling more a friend’s advice, rather than a salesperson’s. Rare and precious thing.

Irina Morozova
New York City, NY


I have been very pleased with the performance of my larger Imlay packs and other gear. So glad you have focused your design talents and passion in the canyoneering area. Thanks for the personal attention and e-mail reply.

John English
Salt Lake City, UT


“I feel a need to write you and say thank you for the most comprehensive guide book I have ever had the privilege to use. Me and 3 friends spent last week in Zion and went canyoneering for the first time. Two of us where trad and sport climbers and one was a caver but canyoneering was new and incredible. We did keyhole, Mystery, Behuin, and Pine Creek and all were incredible. I have to say that the view form the last rappel in Behuin was my favorite part of the trip and sitting on slippery ledge after the 2nd rappel of Behuin was my least favorite part.
Your insight to all aspects of Zion was much appreciated and the incredible details about the canyons probably gave us more confidence than we should of had but was also much appreciated.

Thanks a Ton!”

“My girlfriend and I just got back from Zion, our introduction to technical canyoneering. I wanted to thank you for your generosity in maintaining such a terrific public resource for canyoneers. We're both climbers with good rope and traditional (rock) anchor construction skills, but would not have descended the routes we did without your beta. Thanks for making such a fantastic trip possible for us!  

We're both hooked and agree, flipping through your guidebook, that we've never found a "higher expectation of competence" in a guide for any other discipline. You early canyoneers are badasses to the highest degree. 

From Missouri with love,”

Rory King and Michelle DeWet

“Thanks so much for all the valuable information you share online!  For the past two years we've been lurking on your site, the bogley forums, and more recently canyoncollective.  Took a class last year at ZAC with Ben Rhinesmith, loved it, and are heading back to Zion for more classes and canyoneering next week.  We found that carrying your book into the canyons wasn't the best idea, so this year I'm printing out all the pdfs that you have posted on your site.  The pdfs are what prompted me to write because they are so much easier than trying to print out web pages. Thanks!”  


“Descended "Larry" in Robbers Roost solo on 3/25/15. This was my first slot canyon ever. I have been climbing for 35 years. Found the experience exhilarating, committing, strenuous, and truly pleasing. Conditions cool but fine due to hard work. 8 hrs round trip without shuttle from and to campsite above top. I did not do much research, just this site. No map no GPS. Had no problems beyond good adventure!

Thanks for the beta. I'm hooked!”


P.S. I left next party a snake and a rat

“I have been using (and ordering) your gear for years now through Aaron and James. I have taken your gear through all manner of canyons in AZ, Utah, and even Italy. Very satisfied with your selection and your recommendations. I don't know if you get feedback on them, but my friends and I all like your honest product descriptions and recommendations. It may seem like just a small touch on a website, but they actually speak volumes to your commitment to canyoneering and your interest in furthering other peoples safety and overall enjoyment. Thank you very much.”

Jeff Rothermel
Mesa, Arizona

“Dear Imlay,

Just a quick note to let you know how incredibly happy I am to have recently purchased multiple Imlay gear products and could not be happier that you guys exist.  No one creates gear for canyoneers like you do.  I purchased the HEAPS, 2 fire ropes 120 and 200, a canister, and rope silo.  I look forward to new Imlay gear that I may, or even may not need, but will certainly need to have to show it off to my buddies and bring you new customers.

Thanks again,”

“Tom, just though you should know that years ago I bought the original design of your Imlay Canyon pack, before the netting was covered on the sides, etc.  The only issue ever was that the bar tack on the shoulder snapped, but you provided awesome service and had me send it in.  When I got it back the problem was solved and the pack was better than when I sent it, as you had fixed the shoulder, but also made repairs to other natural damage created by myself to other parts of the pack.  Since then no problems at all.  I guide here in AZ so I can honestly say that it has been through canyons at least 200 times, between work and personal use.  It is so faded that you can barely even tell that it was ever red.  I beat the crap out of my stuff and typically expect destruction in no time.  However the pack is still going strong and I love it.  You did a great job designing this pack and I really just wanted you to know that I think your products are as good as it can get, as is your service.  It seems hard to find this sort of quality in this day and age, so to have stuff that works this well is great.  I will always recommend your gear, 150 percent, to anyone who asks, and continue to wear and use Imlay Canyon Gear on all of my journeys. 

Thanks again Tom,”

Garrett Bennett