Super Pull Cord - Amsteel 1/8" x 200 and 300 feet

Super Pull Cord - Amsteel 1/8" x 200 and 300 feet

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When every ounce or cubic inch matters - this is the ultra-light solution. The UHMWPE gives this braided cord a tensile strength of 2300 lbs - way strong. But, it is hard to handle (hold onto), does not tie very well, and is perhaps more prone to cutting across an edge than heavier solutions. But, it is very light, and very compact. Choose your tools wisely. 1/8" dyneema (Amsteel) braided cord for use a pull cord in close-to-ideal situations.

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Perhaps most useful for Fiddle-Sticking long drops, where the lack of weight of the pull cord can be very important. Goes with Imlay Super-Pull-Cord bag.

Why only the 200’ and 300' length? I don't expect to do a lot of business in this item, and the one I want to carry is 300' for those long FiddleSticks. And a 200’er for those 200’ ones. Smaller… not so useful. I think I will only use this on special occasions. In general a conventional 6mm pull cord will get the job done and be easier to handle, and will take abuse better.

Length - 200 feet (60m) or 300 feet (90m)
Weight - 1 lb 7 oz (23 oz) for 300 feet Weight - 15.4 oz for 200 feet
Weight 300 feet with Super Pull Cord bag:  27.5 oz

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