Imlay Canyon Rope 8mm

Imlay Canyon Rope 8mm

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Imlay Canyon Rope 8mm is firmly woven for longest life, and uses 100% polyester to minimize water absorption. A nice handling static rope that works great for canyoneering.

(8mm rope is still on the +1% program, NOT 5% longer; will convert to the new program about August 1st.)

Color: White with Yellow and Red

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The 8mm is for where the canyon is quite a ways from the road - and should be used around beginners with caution. The 300 footer makes a great Heaps rope if you are carrying it through. For most people, the Canyon Fire will be a better choice - twice as durable for just a little more weight. Available in pre-cut lengths of 120, 200, 300 and 600 feet. Ordering by-the-foot is 10% more expensive than ordering the pre-cut lengths.

The 8mm has been discontinued as a main-line rope. We keep a little in stock for the afficionado who understands its limitations. The Canyon Fire replaced the 8mm, being about twice as durable for just a little more weight.

Weight: 1520 grams or 3 lb 5.3 oz per 100 feet
Rated Strength: 4100 lbs

More Info: Imlay Canyon Gear


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