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Here’s the Deal..

You don't want to get lost. I don't want you to get lost. It is embarrassing to both of us. And dangerous to you.

Most canyons listed on CUSA come with a map. I suggest printing this out and bringing it with you (gosh, a paper map, is that still a thing?) and transferring it onto the electronic map of your choice. Regarding electronic options, Gaia is da BOSS. Load it up on your computer, and you have seamless topographic maps for the area covered. Working with GPS is easy too. The process of transferring the information onto your navigation tool is often sufficient to transfer it also into your brain, but having the physical map to look at is useful, especially when something goes wrong.

In a few cases, I provide critical waypoints. But only a few. Since I provide you with a map showing the route, you can work out waypoints yourself if that is the way you do things.

Navigation in Zion is usually straightforward, but there are exceptions, usually marked as having "difficult navigation". Ending up in the wrong canyon (and continuing on) has been the root cause of several mis-adventures over the years. Don't do that. If the canyon you are in does not match the description, you are in the wrong canyon. Go back while you still can.

I used to sell maps printed on 13" x 19" paper, but no more. All these maps are available, re-sized for 11" x 17" paper, here: