Imlay FiddleStick Advanced Anchor

Imlay FiddleStick Advanced Anchor


The FiddleStick is an advanced canyoneering anchor tool. It is a new approach to retrievable anchoring, opening up a wider range of possible anchors, and making it possible to descend more canyons and leave nothing behind (aka “ghosting”). As an ADVANCED anchor tool, it requires skill, practice and understanding to use safely. Even when used properly, it has the possibility of failing, resulting in severe injury or death, or being stranded in a canyon with your ropes hopelessly stuck.

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The Fiddle Stick retrievable anchor system has some great benefits:

  • Rope grooves are virtually eliminated.

  • Anchors can be well back from the edge of the rappel.

  • Anchors can be around corners.

  • Uses little to no webbing.

  • Can easily and safely “ghost” in many circumstances.

  • Faster to rig than most any other anchor.

  • Lightweight.

  • Fun!

  • It is lightweight, so it can be carried ALL the time.

For more on using the FiddleStick, please see the FiddleStick How To at CUSA Tech Tips..

Weight: 2 ounces (57 grams)

Color: Transparent with blue and green cord.

Strength: Cord strength about 400 lbs. Stick folds and breaks in the Stone knot at about 1200 lbs. (Preliminary tests).


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