Imlay Heaps Special 300' Rope Bag

Imlay Heaps Special 300' Rope Bag


A Simple Bag for 300’ Ropes

This is a deployment bag for 300’ ropes, designed pretty much for doing Heaps, and other long raps where flotation is not required. It is shaped to fit into a 24 Liter or 25 Liter drybag - specifically, the Peregrine 24 Liter Dry Sack.

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Unlike our other rope bags, this bag has no foam. Don't throw it into pools.

Sized for 315’ 8.3 Canyon Fire, but it has a little extra space to still fit in the 24L dry bag. There is a big Grommet and a tie-off loop at the bottom, so you can tie the lower end of the rope on the outside, where it is verifiable. Two big handles at the top, plus the usual inside clip loop for hanging while stuffing. A drawcord top. 500d Cordura.

Dimensions: 23" tall x 15-1/2" Wide (flat)

Weight: 6.5 ounces or 176 grams

Made in USA


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