Imlay SandTrap Advanced Anchor System

Imlay SandTrap Advanced Anchor System


The SandTrap, invented by Steve Woodford of Springdale Utah, is a device for creating a retrievable anchor any time you have sand available. 

Fill it with sand, then rap off it. Pull the retrieval line to spill the sand and retrieve the Trap, leaving nothing behind other than displaced sand. Ingenious! The only problem that I see with it is that I didn't invent it!!!

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SAFE USE REQUIRES EXPERT JUDGMENT. A write-up for usage is given HERE. The SandTrap is a great new tool for a specific kind of canyon. Works well in canyons with lots of sand, when dryish. Two places in Quandary Direct are SandTrapable. No Kidding is a great SandTrap training canyon. Otherwise, we are mostly talking off-the-radar canyons.

The new version is made from 500d Cordura and lower in weight (by 5.8 ounces) and bulk than the previous 1000d Cordura version.

SandTraps are made here in Utah by me, using structural straps made in the "real factory" in Moab, Utah.

It takes a couple canyons to get the thing figured out. It really helps to train with an expert Trapper. Use with caution.

Color: Assorted
Weight: 18.2 ounces (520 grams)


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