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No Kidding Canyon for DarkHorse Leadership Canyoneering Rendevous, North Wash, UT

Went to the DarkHorse Leadership Canyoneering Rendezvous down in North Wash, I arrived Thursday night and it was COLD, so having a large room inside was really helpful. I hung out and chatted with people and retired to a tent on the large lawn about 11pm.

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(Non)-Rescue in Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash, UT

"You Tom?" called out a voice.

"Who wants to know?"... I will spare you a fabricated conversation. The guy in the white SUV said, there's two guys stuck on a cliff down near Hog Springs, and he was driving up to Hanksville to get a SAR going. Hmmm, we said, we'll see what we can do in the meantime.

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Marinus Arch Adventure, North Wash, March 2011

Scott Patterson discovered a large and frightening arch in Marinus canyon, scouting it in April 2010 and, due to lack of time and suitable companions, judiciously traversed downcanyon and rapped in lower down, leaving the difficulties of the arch itself to... us!

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Shenanigans Canyon, North Wash, UT

We decided to start the week with a canyon we had looked into recently, but had not explored the upper part of. Unfortunately (maybe), jumping into canyons in this area can be dangerous, and we almost re-created our friends' experience in Sandthrax last fall.

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