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Marinus Arch Adventure, North Wash, March 2011

Scott Patterson discovered a large and frightening arch in Marinus canyon, scouting it in April 2010 and, due to lack of time and suitable companions, judiciously traversed downcanyon and rapped in lower down, leaving the difficulties of the arch itself to... us!

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Right Fork and Stevenson Canyon, Zion National Park, UT

South Fork Snoqualmie could easily be considered the "Pine Creek" of the Pacific Northwest. The similarities are striking. Easy access, densely packed with action, and fairly straightforward technically. What's more, they both have highways running literally on top of them.

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Lake Powell: West Canyon

Went down to visit Glen Canyon with the Arizona gang in March. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting Cathedral in the Desert at low water, with the waterfall hitting the sand for the first time in forty years. It is a remarkable little spot. We motored around the puddle, did some canyons, dodged the weather, broke a prop, had a good time. Here's the story.

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