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Anasazi Ruins and Art, Bluff and Blanding, UT

For Valentines, Alicia treated me to a weekend in Bluff and Blanding, visiting with Dave Black and hunting down ruins and artwork. We gathered at Dave Black's house and found Jim Wright in residence, having recently "retired".

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Shenanigans Canyon, North Wash, UT

We decided to start the week with a canyon we had looked into recently, but had not explored the upper part of. Unfortunately (maybe), jumping into canyons in this area can be dangerous, and we almost re-created our friends' experience in Sandthrax last fall.

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Right Fork of Leprechaun Canyon, North Wash

Shane has been exploring a new slot canyon area down near Hanksville, and was getting ready to release it to the Circle of Few when, ahem, well, they got kinda stuck. Sounded intense, so it seemed like a good time to go check it out.

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