Hogwarts Canyon, North Wash Canyoneering


North Wash is such a fine place to canyoneer in the fall. November 2011 was no exception; the canyon gods were kind to us, providing fine weather and fine friends. My last day in North Wash was November 14th, and of the many fun people out that way game for adventure, only Kevin and Julie from Denver remained.  We must have done something in the morning, and then had a few hours to kill in the afternoon, selecting Hogwarts Canyon as a good place for a three-hour tour. This little gem was found by Dave Pimental, and is detailed well in the Mini-Slot Guide.

Drove to the canyon - (not much of a drive) - and parked at the Hog Springs picnic area a little before 3 pm. Grabbed gear and hiked up the canyon, then crossed the creek and ascended the gully on the other side, including a few slabby climbing moves. Unfortunately, much of the steep climb was in the full sun and even in November it was a bit hot. Sweated up and over the top of the ridge, then down the other side into the canyon.

There are several options at Rap 1; but going down the throat would have gone into the mud, perhaps into the pool. So we chose an option I had poo-pooed in the past - it being off to the side. We re-rigged the anchor and rapped on in.

A couple more nice raps bring us further into the canyon. We were happy all water was avoidable. Soon at the crux (no pics) of the route, the climb-across of a keeper pothole, so I musta been busy!

A little hustle got us to the last rap well before dark - perhaps a first for me - hate to leave daylight sittin' on the table. Thanks to Julie and Kevin for sharing a fine fall day with me!

Back at camp, Ram and Jenny showed up, and... well, that's another story.