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Winter Pine Creek Descent, Zion National Park

Finally, a storm brought moisture upon us, first time since New Years. Not the best timing, however, as Ram was just blowing into town.

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Marinus Arch Adventure, North Wash, March 2011

Scott Patterson discovered a large and frightening arch in Marinus canyon, scouting it in April 2010 and, due to lack of time and suitable companions, judiciously traversed downcanyon and rapped in lower down, leaving the difficulties of the arch itself to... us!

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Spearhead Canyon (and Wildflowers), an Overnight Canyon Trip, Zion National Park, UT

Brian Cabe and I ascended Hook Canyon to the Majestic/Cathedral pass and summit plateau in October 2000, and descended the canyon the next day. We found no evidence of descents in the upper canyon, but the final chimney section (below The Spearhead) was bolted for descent.

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