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Wildflower Walk, East Entrance, Zion National Park

I have some bruised ribs, so I am not up for much right now, but I could not resist getting out to my closest Zion trail to shoot some flowers. It rained last month, almost every day. Now we have had a week or two of hot weather, so the flowers are out something FANTASTIC! All shots here at near the East Entrance trailhead to the East Rim Trail… and actually within 100 yards of the parking lot. SO many blooms out. No mosquitoes. Hot hot hot though…

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Zion National Park Main Canyon Flowers: Photos and Identification

Not the best conditions (excuse#1). A late start due to errands to run, etc. It was windy. There was not much light. But there were a fair number of flowers out, and Cassy Brown and I both got a few good shots, despite the excuses… uh, I mean, challenges!

Parking in Zions is tough at around 5 pm, on a Saturday, but we found at spot at Canyon Junction. Took a quick peek around there. Then Weeping Rock, in the shade, chilly. Then …

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Don't Do It! Escalante X Canyons

Less for the thrill and more for the fun, the Xcalante canyons have been calling me all winter. I watched the film “Gorging” and sweat through a portion of a man shuffling, scraping, and screaming through DDI. I don’t know what personality type looks at that and thinks “Huh.. I wanna do that..” but here I am.. With a particular weakness for trials of strength. And I love stemming. And a good downclimb or two. Silos and stretching? I wouldn’t use the word “love”..  

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Spring Wildflowers and Identification in the Main Canyon of Zion National Park, UT

What a difference 10 days make. Beautiful temperate weather here in Zion, and the flowers are out in the Main Zions Canyon. Not exactly a superbloom, but better than the last Flowerwalk for sure.  Cassy Brown joined me and we followed the same route, more or less, as 10 days prior - hitting the Emerald Pools are first, then over to Weeping Rock to check on the hidden riparian area, and get some better shots with the better light of a bright spring day. By Emerald Pools, in addition to what was found last time...

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Wildflowers in Main Canyon Hiking Trails of Zion National Park, UT

Kind of a crazy spring, here in Zionland. First very warm. Then cooler and rainy, as in very rainy. Went down to the main canyon to see if anything was out in the lower elevations, taking the Kayenta trail to the Middle Emerald Pool, then near Weeping Rock went to one of my favorite  riparian nooks. Not all that many things out, but many of the usual suspects were getting going. Also some species new to me, or at least that I had not carefully photographed previously...

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Zion Kolob Terrace Road Wildflower Identification

Memorial Day weekend. Zion is PACKED! I'm chillin, but decide to go for a flowerwalk. The wait at the East Entrance is 25 minutes...  I wanted to do the main canyon to look for hanging garden flowers, but there was no parking to be found so I ran away to the KT Road, hoping to get some good cactus shots...

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