Spring Wildflowers and Identification in the Main Canyon of Zion National Park, UT


What a difference 10 days make. Beautiful temperate weather here in Zion, and the flowers are out in the Main Zions Canyon. Not exactly a superbloom, but better than the last Flowerwalk for sure. Cassy Brown joined me and we followed the same route, more or less, as 10 days prior - hitting the Emerald Pools are first, then over to Weeping Rock to check on the hidden riparian area, and get some better shots with the better light of a bright spring day. By Emerald Pools, in addition to what was found last time:

1. Western Wallflower (Mustard family, Erysimum capitatum): abundant in Zion and elsewhere in Zion, one of the cheery bright yellow flowers of spring.

2. Desert Phlox (Phlox family, Phlox austromontana): abundant in Zion at all altitudes, blooming down low at this time of year.

3. Utah Penstemon (Figwort family, Penstemon utahensis): I've been seeing a lot of this in Zion, down low, this year. Early blooming. Also saw some P. eatonii getting ready to bloom.

4. Slickrock Paintbrush (Figwort family, Castilleja scabrida): abundant in Zion, though the red color makes it hard for people like me, with mild red-green colorblindness, to notice.

5. Cryptantha (Borage family, Cryptantha ...): also out and blooming, abundant. Not sure the exact species showing on the closeup, but the other shot is probably "Yellow".

6. Trefoil or Deerclover (Legume family, Lotus plebeius): a bit less common than some of these others, certainly plenty around.

Off in the riparian area:

7. Zion Shooting Star (Primrose family, Dodecatheon pulchellum): part of the lovely mix at many of Zion's hanging gardens, it blooms early and not for very long, so I have not gotten good photos before. The large leaves give the plant away, even when not in bloom, but what a wonderful flower it is!!

8. Miners Lettuce (Purslane family, Montia perfoliata): here's a plant picture to complement the flower picture from last stroll.

9. Lanceleaf Springbeauty (Purslane family, Claytonia lanceolata): a nice little flower, fairly common in Zion though being so small, inconspicuous.

And a good time was had by all.

Bigger/Better/More photos available in the gallery: