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Englestead Canyon Anchor Work, Zion National Park

One concept I have been working on putting into words is the idea of Stewardship, both personal on my part, and moreover the stewardship the community and visitors take on, to keep the canyons clean, friendly and in as natural a state as possible. Keeping the canyons “natural” requires active management, as contradictory as that sounds, and producing a guidebook spurns the steward in me to take action, and deal with problems that have festered for a while.

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Canyoneering Anchor and Rigging Techniques in Englestead Canyon, Zion National Park

Recently I have heard about people having trouble pulling their rappel on the first rap in Englestead Canyon. I found this curious, that this problem would suddenly arrive for several parties this summer. What gives???

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Englestead Canyon and Natural Anchors, Zion National Park, UT

On this occasion, we were descending Englestead with several southern Utah locals. Mark "Little Bear" Mallory had invited us down since he had a rope fixed for the first drop.

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