Black and White Canyon Photography


Photos and story by Tom Wetherell.

Water as Glass, Upper Salome Creek, Arizona. (Canyons in Black and White)

Water as Glass, Upper Salome Creek, Arizona. (Canyons in Black and White)

Water as Glass, Upper Salome Creek, Arizona.

What does one do while convalescing? Unable to play in the canyons, resisting the urge to buy a *BIG* TV, in between the tedium and drudgery of physical therapy sessions... For me, sanity long since departed, a journey through adventures past has kept my memories fresh, and my desire to get back in the game burning bright. Sit back, relax, grab a Percocet and a glass of red wine, and enter some canyons in black and white

Sandstone Arete, Mystery Canyon, ZNP.

When I came upon this feature I wa immediately struck by the contrast between the vertical break caused by the shadow, and the horizontal striations of the sandstone layers. Mystery was my first technical canyon and I will always remember it as a grand adventure and beginning of an addiction to canyons

Lincoln Logs, Sunburst Canyon, Arizona.

A typical Mogollon Rim canyon obstacle. With Pine forest growing up to the rims of many canyons there is always significant deadfall into them. Sometimes this works out well and provides bridges across the pools...

Flower Pot, Sabino Canyon, Arizona.

Just a big bowl, some rocks, and a flower - but this photo brings back lots of memories of 12+ hour days in the Catalinas, and very sore muscles for days afterward!

Camoflage, Lemmon Creek, Arizona.

Nature astounds me. I nearly killed this frog he was so well disguised. Ironically, in color the illusion is even better, both frog and rock have a pink cast.

Flow with it, Cibeque Creek, Arizona.

Soft and feathery, Cibeque flows through a series of boulders, creating froth and foam.


Buckskin Gulch delivers awesome light, and some incredibly high logjams, proof that it is *not* where you want to be in a downpour..

Tight Turns in The North Fork.

Convolutions and hairpins. A snapshot from my fateful trip down the North Fork.

A Slice of the Sky, Arches N.P.

One of my last pre-surgery trips, exploring Arches with Ram.

An Arch, in Arches N.P.

A favorite. An invitation to more exploration and adventure in beautiful places with extraordinary people