Imlay Rope Silos + Bagarino

Imlay Rope Silos + Bagarino

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The modern, effective way to manage your lifeline in canyons. Rope Silos allow you to handle just the part of the rope you need, and keep the rest in the bag. The stiff rim and foam-padded sides make loading the rope a snap, and a couple of tie-in options allow flexibility in technique. A shoulder strap and two handles make it easy to carry or pass along to the young stud in the canyon.

We have a few USA-made rope bags available at a premium price. They are in colors other than Blue Teal and Cranberry Red. We are now out of Blue Real SMALL Rope Silos.

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Large Silo:

  • Fits a 300' x 8.3mm rope, or a 200' x 9mm rope.

  • Dimensions: 18" tall x 10" diameter (at top) - 16 Liters

  • 1 lb 2 oz (505 g)

Small Silo:

  • Fits a 200' x 8mm rope, or 8.3mm rope.

  • Dimensions: 16" tall x 10" diameter (at top) - 13 Liters

  • 17.6 oz (500g)


  • Fits a 150’ x 8mm rope, or 120’ x 9mm rope.

  • Dimensions: 13" tall x 9" diameter (at top) - 10 Liters

  • 15 oz (425g)

Read here for How to Stuff a Rope Bag

More Info: CUSA Gear Guide


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