Sterling C-IV Canyoneering Rope

Sterling C-IV Canyoneering Rope


Sterling's C-IV is a pretty cool rope made specifically for canyoneering. The tough Technora sheath allows the use of lightweight polypropylene fibers for the core, making a rope that is robust yet weighs surprisingly little. Only available in 200-foot lengths.

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Technora is an aramid fiber which is very cut-resistant and reasonably tough. This is a great rope for abrasive or "cutty" canyons like those in Ouray or the San Gabriels.

But... though the rope is 9mm in diameter, it rappels faster than a conventional 9mm, more like say, halfway between an 8mm and a 9mm, perhaps a little slower than the 8.3mm Canyon Fire. As on all ropes, set yourself up with plenty of friction until you get the rope figured out. A 200 foot length of the C-IV weighs only 6 lbs 9.5 ounces (3.0 kg). It doesn't float - but it sometimes feels like it might! Reports from the field are that it also seems to absorb very little water when wet.


  • Length: 200 feet

  • Diameter: 9mm (nominal)

  • Weight: 6 lbs 9.5 ounces per 200 feet

  • Mean Breaking Strength (3 sigma): 4630 lbf

  • Elongation @ 300 lbs: 2.0%


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