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Hogwarts Canyon, and more, North Wash, Freezefest

FF XIV: After a frosty Inferno, came back to camp to find Alane had arrived from Colorado. Next day we joined Ram and others to do a super-duper, double-cross-your-heart secret canyon, which of course was totally wonderful (400 foot rappels next to hot-water waterfalls, dolphins in the pools, a couple 40 foot jumps... you know, all that secret canyon stuff)...

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FreezeFest XI - The Black Hole for New Years!

Freezefest is an annual gathering of hearty (ie, foolish) canyoneers for canyoneering at the turn of the year. Camping out in single-digit temperatures may not seem like it would be fun, but with proper preparation, plus lots of firewood, fine spirits and good friends, it works out to be one of the funnest events of the year.

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FreezeFest V: The Black Hole for New Year's Day!

Finally the big day dawns. No sense getting an early start, we mosey around camp awhile, then pack for the drive to the Black Hole. Mr. Dave Black joins us once again. Here's Malia's group shot, in the parking lot.

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FreezeFest V: Hard Day Harvey in Wet Conditions, Ticaboo Mesa, UT

“No Stefanos, you won’t need a wetsuit”
“Ram, are you sure?”
“Yeah, it is a dry canyon, except after real storms and there haven’t been any for awhile”
“I don’t mind carrying it”
“Don’t bother”
Then Tom pipes in “But Ram is often wrong”

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FreezeFest V: Escaping Shenanigans Canyon in Winter, North Wash, UT

I woke up feeling mean. The sky did not look so friendly either, so I ducked out and headed home to rest up for a few days. Ram and crew headed off to do Shenanigans Canyon, a canyon near and dear to my heart. Photos by Hank and Bruce.

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FreezeFest V: Limbo Canyon, Ticaboo Mesa, UT

I dropped in on the night of the 26th, for the next day's exploration - Limbo Canyon. We had explored the slot next door in November, and it was good. So we wanted to get back and see what was next door.

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FreezeFest IV: No Kidding, Leprechaun, Stair, Hog, Achilles, Fooling' Around

Black Hole, New Year's Day - Truly, this IS The High Life! Thank you all for a wonderful Freezefest. Heck, we even had WOMEN! See ya in the New Year. (FreezeFest IV)

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