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FreezeFest V: Escaping Shenanigans Canyon in Winter, North Wash, UT

I woke up feeling mean. The sky did not look so friendly either, so I ducked out and headed home to rest up for a few days. Ram and crew headed off to do Shenanigans Canyon, a canyon near and dear to my heart. Photos by Hank and Bruce.

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FreezeFest IV: No Kidding, Leprechaun, Stair, Hog, Achilles, Fooling' Around

Black Hole, New Year's Day - Truly, this IS The High Life! Thank you all for a wonderful Freezefest. Heck, we even had WOMEN! See ya in the New Year. (FreezeFest IV)

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ACA Wasatch Chapter Storm Mountain Funfest: Canyoneering Technical Training

We've been chatting about getting the ACA Wasatch Chapter up and running again, so maybe a fun barbeque/social/training session would be a good way to stir up interest and see what people were interested in putting together.

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