FreezeFest III: A Visit to Finland, Arches National Park, UT


The Master, ready for another day in the Fins.

Drawing out the map. As if!

Up a fin, down a fin, around a fin. Here a fin, there a fin, everywhere a fin-fin.

The next day was in the Fractured Fairyland. We awoke to low clouds and drove back towards the park. This Fairyland is a complex area of passage ways. It can be quite physical and is a ton of fun. One leaves a fair bit of skin behind. Among the pleasures, are impossible squeezes, raps off of various arches, crawls under and around boulders, knife edge ridges and surprise after surprise. A favorite that always delivers and a great way to spend the last day of 2004. The weather, while gray, never rained.

The game – to stay off the crypto at all costs.

We rapped off this arch, using the Omni-sling to leave it clean. A long one to do that way, but the test pull had it nice and easy, so…

Down down down. Rap rap rap.

Hamlet Arch

How all occasions do inform against me,
And spur my dull revenge! What is a man,
If his chief good and market of his time
Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more.
Sure he that made us with such large discourse,
Looking before and after, gave us not
That capability and god-like reason
To fust in us unus’d. Now, whe’r it be
Bestial oblivion, or some craven scruple
Of thinking too precisely on the event,
A thought, which, quarter’d, hath but one part wisdom,
And ever three parts coward, I do not know
Why yet I live to say ‘This thing’s to do’;
Sith I have cause and will and strength and means to do ‘t.
Hamlet, Act IV Scene IV

Crawling out of dirty holes —

Walk a slot, climb a fin.

This slot got a little on the narrow side. We stayed up!

Rapping into the inside of a Leviathon.

Downclimb a slot, and…

…we’re back in the known world. We do a bunch of loops, up this, down that, through there. Really fun, really good to have the man with amazing memory to run us around.

Walking through slots, squeezing through slots…

We climb up, we climb down.

We rap a short drop, down through an arch.

Some slots have cool towers.

Up another fin, to a dicey climb. Nice.

And hiking up a fin, the skies glomming above.

A leap across a slot…

Interesting terrain.

And finally, down through a little tiny hole in the floor.
We fit through that? Yes. Requires zen mind.