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Mystery Canyon in Winter! Zion National Park for Christmas!

Guest Rave: Steve Ramras. Indecision reigned. It was the Christmas day traditional insanity time. Who would go? Many of the past participants felt the reality of the danger of the thing. They waxed eloquently on it foolhardiness. In the end, the same people as last year filled up this year's permit. Where would we go?

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Keyhole Canyon in Winter, Zion National Park, UT

Mr. Deanpaul Russell aka Deeps came down to enjoy our incredible non-winter weather in Zion...  except, the day before and the night he drove down, it snowed about 6" in Zion. Winter again! As the weather report predicted clearing in the afternoon, we delayed our start, meeting Jenny down at Deep Creek at 10 am. We geared up and picked up a permit, then headed up to do Pine Creek Canyon. The storm had cleared and the sun was out, melting snow on the slickrock. The flow in Pine Creek was a little more than we were up for, so we drove up the highway a bit, and ventured into Keyhole Canyon.

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Winter Pine Creek Descent, Zion National Park

Finally, a storm brought moisture upon us, first time since New Years. Not the best timing, however, as Ram was just blowing into town.

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