Women's Hyperflex VYRL 4/3 Wetsuit

Women's Hyperflex VYRL 4/3 Wetsuit


Hyperflex uses premium, high-stretch neoprene to build their suits, resulting in greater long-term comfort, and making it possible to have both a tight fit and minimal restriction. They feature a skin-out panel on the chest and main back, flex panels in key places and the standard, surf-suit back zipper.

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The Cyclone 4/3 is a premium suit, with stitched and glued seams, and a water-tight zipper. I have done a midsummer Imlay in one, and a late fall Heaps with it plus the hooded vest and polypro undershirt. Not a whole lot heavier than the 3/2, but the better fit, glued seams and better zipper help it be quite a bit warmer. Not very well reinforced, so wear elbow and knee pads if venturing into skin-scraping territory. 

Men's and Women's sizing for a better fit. 

Reports from the field are that the women's are 1/2 size smaller than indicated - so order a half size larger than the hyperflex wetsuit size chart indicates.

Weight (size Men's L): 48 oz (1350 gm)

Hyperflex says:

"For the gal who wants performance and flexibility all in one wetsuit, this 4/3mm Women's HyperFlex VYRL Fullsuit is just the suit! Made with 100% stretch Quantum Foam neoprene, this fullsuit is lightweight and has serious stretch. A quick-drying micro fleece lining provides a super soft and max performing suit while the sealed seams add durability and help to keep the water out. What else makes this fullsuit so great? The fun splash of color along with minimal seam design for the ultimate in range of motion, a full back zipper for easy entry and exit, and durable kneepads.

The new HyperFlex VYRL wetsuit line has undergone countless hours of research and testing in order to create a line of suits with the latest and greatest in wetsuit technology. The Quantum Foam neoprene, micro-fleece quick dry lining, minimal seam design, and multiple thicknesses allow for these VYRL suits to be durable and built for performance."


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