Tom's Bolt Kit (B) for Hard Rock

Tom's Bolt Kit (B) for Hard Rock


All you need for the Devil's work (except a wrench)!

Revised AGAIN - no bolts or hangers, just the kit. You will need 3/8" bolts and hangers to complete the tool.

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The Hard Rock Bolt Kit includes:
• Tracts on why you should NOT place bolts.
Petzl Tam Tam Hammer and Petzl Pecker Rock Drill Holder
• TWO Non-Re-ground Bosch 3/8" SDS bit
Test Tube Brush & Plastic Blow Tube
Imlay 666 Bolt Bag
• Some information on how to place bolts in both hard and soft rock, including Navajo Sandstone.

You will still need a 6" adjustable wrench to complete your kit.

Weight: 3 lb 3 oz


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