Petzl Vrillee Aluminum Bolt Hanger

Petzl Vrillee Aluminum Bolt Hanger

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Lightweight hanger for canyoning and caving. The Vrillee hanger is made from Aluminum and should NOT be used on rock climbs. But Vrillees are extremely light, so for that "emergency bolt kit," which you will never use, carry a couple of these and they won't weigh you down.

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Buy the stock hanger, which fits a 3/8" bolt, or I can drill them out for you (voids any Petzl warranty) so it will accept a 1/2" bolt.

Weight (hanger only): 23 grams or 0.8 ozs.
Fits 3/8" Powersbolts in stock condition.
Fits 1/2" Powersbolts when drilled out (with 3/8" bit).


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