Petzl Basic

Petzl Basic


Handles are for poofters! Unless you're planning on jugging El Cap, those handles are pretty unnecessary, and add weight and bulk. The Petzl Basic Ascender has all the working parts of the Handled Ascender, with the superfluous handle removed. A good compromise - a full function ascender that works really well, at less weight and bulk.

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Petzl says:

“Versatile rope clamp / grab for use in a wide variety of situations: progress capture device in a hauling system, rope climbing, self belaying on a fixed rope. Lightweight and compact. Chrome-plated steel cam has inclined teeth and self-cleaning slots to provide grip on wet, icy or muddy ropes. Ergonomic spring-loaded catch allows the cam to be held in the open position and facilitates one-handed installation or removal of the device. Lower hole for attaching a lanyard. Upper hole allows a carabiner to be clipped around the rope for easier sliding up the rope when used for self-belaying, and for building pulley systems.”

Technical Specifications
For use on single rope from 8 to 13 mm in diameter.
Weight: only 85 grams!!
Individually tested.


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