Petzl Tibloc

Petzl Tibloc


An elegant, simple design for ascending ropes. Use with a large-rod-stock carabiner like the BD RockLock. Very lightweight and handy to have. Fits on ropes 8mm to 11mm, works pretty well on my 6mm pull cord. The downside: sharp teeth can tear up the rope, and it is very hard to move DOWN the rope, for instance when changing back to rappel mode. This is probably the best choice to carry as an emergency ascender. Superlight and compact, not too pricey, and it does not wear out. Also useful for hauling packs and stuff like that. 

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Multifunctional: rescues, hauling systems and rope climbing. 
Chrome-plated steel cam has inclined teeth and self-cleaning slots to provide grip on wet, icy or muddy ropes. 
Attachment hole for keeper cord. 
Weight: 39 grams
Individually tested


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