Imlay Pothole Escape Float II

Imlay Pothole Escape Float II


A big fancy float to keep things aloft.

Vinyl coated for deluxe feel and durability. BIGGER than normal size to provide more floatation. Bright color so if it does sink, you might be able to see it in the murky water. Use on Cameras, hooks, etriers - anything you might drop in a pothole and regret.

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(Awesome graphic by Hank Moon.)

How much does it float? Hard to say. My estimate is 15 ounces. Make sure it floats your (micro)boat before trusting the pothole gods. Easily floats a Panasonic TS-4 (7.2 ounces).

I include a short piece of string for tying it to your precious.

Weight: .4 ounces

Dimensions: Oval 5" x 2"


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