BG Gear - Sqwurel3

BG Gear - Sqwurel3


Best Rappel Device EVER! New and Improved!!!

After using my prototype for a year and a half, I am convinced this is the best rappel device ever. The ladder allows friction adjustments while on rappel and free-hanging (or not). The ladder allows for close increments of friction to be used, so your friction can be perfect every time, even if you chose wrong when going over the edge.

However, the downside is that it requires some attention has to be paid to the device while rappelling. Moving your brake hand to the side, out or in, can pop the rope out of the notch, resulting in a sudden loss of friction. Not good. Thus I think this is an expert-only device, and not suitable for Class-C canyons where attention to the device is not always possible.

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Not so hot with double ropes, but OK. It does twist up (sqwurel) the rope more than most devices. Sqwurel3 is said to have solved the twisting problems… I remain a skeptic until I have some time on the device.

I had been going through 2 Piranas a year, and got a year and a half out of my proto, though it is fair to say I drove it further than is reasonable, because new protos were not available. So I think this device is twice as durable as a Pirana or ATS.

Weight: 4.7 ounces / 133 grams

Colors: as shown


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