BD ATC-XP Rappelling Device

BD ATC-XP Rappelling Device


A truly stellar plate-style rappel device, the ATC-XP works especially well on small diameter ropes, and offers a variety of modes for different levels of friction. It is compact, and my device of choice when we are not doing very many rappels, but I like the Critr or Sqwurel better for more technical ropework. 

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How to USE IT: CUSA Tech Tip

Tom Said:

"I used an ATC-XP for the first time in a while last week, since I thought we were on a backpacking trip. With two biners underneath, low friction side, single 8mm rope, 180 lbs.

Man, that thing is slow to rig and unrig. A pain in a pool as great care must be taken to not drop it. For the JIHAD (11 years ago now), I switched to a Pirana for the speed. Now I bounce between the Sqwurel and Critr. In addition to being faster on and off, they offer adjustable friction (on the fly), AND all those rescue functions I spent so much time learning are WAY more easily managed than with an ATC. Yes, ATC for North Wash and the Grand Canyon (perhaps), where there are very few rappels. But otherwise, Critr or Sqwurel for me.

Did anyone mention Class C (flowing water) canyons? ATC does not tolerate gunk on the rope (common in Class C) or twisted ropes (common in Class C if double-stranding, but one really should be rapping single strand). Bringing an ATC to a Class C canyon is equivalent to bringing a knife to a gun fight. Rookie mistake.”

Made in China. 

When rapping small ropes, use two, matched, fat-stock biners underneath the ATC-XP. 

Weight: 57 grams or 2.0 ounces. 

More Info:  Black Diamond Equipment


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