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Family Camp Canyon: Escape the Summer Heat. Zion National Park, UT

So it is a good idea to start early, and stay out of the sun.  So we did, mostly, by doing a canyon on the East Side, possibly the third intentional descent. Part of the research for the Zion: Canyoneering 2nd Edition.

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Jacob Canyon rebolting in Zion National Park, UT

Shall we give Jacob a visit again?  The weather was temperate, but soon would be too hot for this south-facing canyon – yes.  One ‘benefit’ of working on the guidebook (Zion, 2nd Edition) which I “have been” for about 5 years (Bullwinkle: “This time for sure!”) is that I feel like certain things need to be ‘fixed’...

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Lower Echo Canyon, Zion National Park, UT

(Middle) Echo Canyon is famous for holding snow in the "spring", which in Zion, can mean until July 1st, or even later. We had heard few reports for how the snow was this year, so Dave Buckingham and I (after cancelling a trip to North Wash due to the heat) decided to check out Middle Echo…

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