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Imlay Canyon: Potholes, Narrows, and Log Soup! Zion National Park, UT

A somewhat difficult Imlay. My wonderful niece Rylin and hubby Eric really wanted to do Imlay, and could sneak down for a weekend. Which coordinated well with lil' 'Lana (now an OB instructor, formerly a ZAC guide) being in town (briefly). Ry and Eric brought along Dave Eiriksson; lil' 'Lana brought along Zion NP Trailcrew Chief Shannon Calabro to complete out team...

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Imlay Canyon (Left Sneak Route), Zion National Park, UT

Much time was spent this summer, enjoying the wonderful texture of the inside of the short tunnel. But less time was spent enjoying the canyons of Zion, so with the season coming to a close, Evergreen Dean called suggesting, maybe, perhaps, an Imlay Canyon trip? This canyon, I am usually up for a visit…

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