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Surprises in Right Fork Canyon, Zion National Park, UT

The Right Fork is a wonderful Zion canyon, protected from popularity (for all but the swiftest) by requiring two or three days, thus being a ‘backpacking trip’, which canyoneers don’t do so much. As I looked back through my canyoneering diary, I realized it had been 10 years since I had Right Forked...

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Imlay Canyon: Potholes, Narrows, and Log Soup! Zion National Park, UT

A somewhat difficult Imlay. My wonderful niece Rylin and hubby Eric really wanted to do Imlay, and could sneak down for a weekend. Which coordinated well with lil' 'Lana (now an OB instructor, formerly a ZAC guide) being in town (briefly). Ry and Eric brought along Dave Eiriksson; lil' 'Lana brought along Zion NP Trailcrew Chief Shannon Calabro to complete out team...

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Clear Creek Canyon, Glen Canyon

Found ourselves out in Glen Canyon, doing a couple slots just for fun. Last day, we decided to do Clear Creek into the Cathedral in the Desert. Access is provided by landing at and climbing up the Hole In The Rock, then following the road, then cross country to Clear Creek.

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