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Lower Echo, Descending and Ascending, Zion National Park, UT

Darn hot down here, it is, limiting choices to a few. But Lower Echo (Echo below the trail) is one that is deep and dark, with some water to cool off in. A short approach hike means, not so bad. But the penalty gets paid at the end - since the final rap out of the canyon is closed, one must fix ropes to exit the canyon. A while ago, I put in an anchor to improve the usability of the fixed rope...

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Lower Echo and Anchor Activities, Zion National Park, UT

Yes, it is still winter. After a few days of rain, we were psyched to go sneak another canyon in, and also psyched for a lazyish start, given the festivities the night before, Amanda and Kat's going away party in advance of their coming-up-fast South Africa adventure. The day was grey and not all that warm. The plan was to do Lower Lower Echo...

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Lower Echo Canyon, Zion National Park, UT

(Middle) Echo Canyon is famous for holding snow in the "spring", which in Zion, can mean until July 1st, or even later. We had heard few reports for how the snow was this year, so Dave Buckingham and I (after cancelling a trip to North Wash due to the heat) decided to check out Middle Echo…

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