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Pandora's Box Canyon, Capital Reef, UT

It's my party, and I get to choose the canyon and the company. For this year's TomFest, the sparsely-attended Friday canyon would be Pandora's Box, a wonderful though vigorous canyoneering adventure in Capitol Reef National Park. There have been several rescues in there the last couple years, as novice groups have underestimated the difficulties (foreshadowing!)...

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Midget Rattler, Escalante Canyoneering

Another Memorial Day Weekend, another visit to the Saddle in Boulder Utah for a social weekend. But, we were SUPPOSED to actually go out and do canyons too, AND get back in time for Pim’s hour, which might strike as early as 4 pm…

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Canyoneering Pandora's Box, Capitol Reef National Park, UT

I've been hounding Malia for the last couple of weeks, trying to persuade her to endure the heat and show me through Pandora's Box. After a couple of weeks of nearly hooking up, the timing finally worked for Sunday, and off we went.

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