Cassidy Arch Canyon, Capitol Reef, UT


Next day, we were looking for something rather casual, so a quick lap through Cassidy Arch Canyon would fit the bill.

Due to the recent rains, the last half-mile of road was gated off – though actual damage was inobvious.

A little road-walking never hurt no one.

Walking the road, here is the start of the trail. Even at this early hour, it was darn hot out.

I’m not doing much flower-shooting this trip, but here’s an interesting little flower…

First look of the arch, from the trail.

Interesting terrain over there, by the arch.

Trail on the slickrock, out toward the arch.

A darn big arch, this one. We considered simul-rapping off the arch, but the width of the top of the arch is about 40 feet, so it would not really work.

Ryan raps in. A tree makes a convenient anchor. We use a retrievable anchor here to minimize our visual impact.

Here I go rapping in. Ryan got some great shots of the arch and area.

Rap 2

Bottom of rap #2 is this pleasant alcove.
Bolts were well-placed out on a ledge to just miss the rope-eating crack at the back of the alcove.

Ryan getting a little relaxation in the cool of the alcove.

Further downcanyon, several interesting rappels occur, including this one through an arch.

For the “rainbow webbing” drop, I built a little deadman.

Ryan at the top of that. Downclimbable – yeah, I guess so. Having an anchor seemed like a good idea.

Another little rap, again through a cool arch.

Hard to get a good angle on this one – the best picture of it I have seen.

Another rap, toward the interesting little bridge.

Ryan rapping into the alcove below.

And the bridge? – still solid after all these years.

Thanks for coming out again, enjoy your stay.