Sundance Films 2015 M3: Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck


Oh my Heck. This is some seriously fucked up shit! Told via the stuff found in Cobain's archive - journals (he kept tons of journals), home movies, concert footage, tasteful and sparse interviews with bandmates, mother father and sister, old girlfriends and the widow... developed into a tight, amazing, crazy (as in, clinical), extremely personal look inside the life and mind of Kurt Cobain. With this, I can accept his genius, and hear his songs in a whole different context. Thankfully, while my extended adolescence was not particularly happy, it was never more than one step down the road to the bleakness that Kurt experienced, and continued to experience to the end of his short life.

An amazing, deeply personal, and ultimately deeply sad movie. It is an HBO project, and will be released to theatres worldwide about the first of May, except in the USA. Sounds like HBO will have it free on May 5th. Grab a fifth or two of plastic-bottle vodka, throw a dirty mattress on the floor and give it a good watch. I'd advise agin' actually shooting up for it.

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