Sundance Films 2015 M4: The Overnight


While my range of movie genres is large, sex comedies are not usually within my circle of interest. Something about being a frustrated guy of a certain age, I kinda don't need more stimulation in that arena. But I got a ticket for this one so...

This is perhaps the least sexy sex romp ever. Almost chaste, you know, with nude adults and a few off-screen sex acts. Perhaps because the writer/director was not trying to draw in the voyeur, but was working the genre and working the stereotypes and move beyond to get something real. Well, real after the surreal.

The story is, a couple with a young son have just moved to town (LA, a big town) and struggle to make friends. At the park, they run into a couple with a young son and they hit it off. They are invited over for dinner, hang out, meet each other, and spend the night doing various activities until...

Of course, this plot line could be anything from a hardcore porn movie to a continuously over-the-top, witty comedy full of twists and turns, and climaxing in...  This director did the second, and did it well. From the first scene, the laughs are genuine. The people strange, but very relate-able. The pacing is great - starts out reasonable, then a touch less reasonable, a touch more, a touch more and you find yourself way out there way over the top... and then he PILES on atop that! Couple A is just an ordinary couple, and we relate to them and their increasing discomfort as the evening progresses. 

Good flick. Will probably end up with a small release in theatres. And end up on Netflix? Well worth a watch. Good date movie, though not say the first ten dates.



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