Sundance Films 2015 M2: The Summer of Sangaile


Second movie of the year is this drama from Lithuania.  Laura Dahl and Shelley Carver joined me for this one. Here are Laura's impressions:

I knew nothing about the film before arriving at the theater. In fact, I wasn't even sure of the title of the movie - this is what happens when someone else does all the planning for your first Sundance Film experience. I did however have some expectations for this Sundance film, such as... interesting cinematography, limited (foreign) dialog, and some nudity. The film did in fact contain all of these things.

The Summer of Sangaile tells the story of two adolescent women and a summer of self discovery. While the plot is not necessarily unique, the way the film unfolds is.  The movie appeals to the senses, drawing in and inviting the viewer to join the emotional experience.

I am not an experienced Sundance participant, and so feel a lack of clarity on how to rate or offer my opinion on this film.  It seems beyond the simple judgement of "good" or "bad".  This film is art and surely each person relates to the story and its telling, in a different way.  I thought it was worth the experience, once, and not necessarily a second time.  I am glad to have had this first Sundance experience, and look forward to another whenever it may arise.  

Like she said. (Good summary Laura.) I'm not sure there is a whole lot more to say. A coming of age film, young women division. Rich cinematography highlights the contrast between the lovely, wooded natural area around a lake and the industrial wasteland of a power plant on its shore... the contrast between the quiet, withdrawn and angst-ridden Sangaile and her new, outgoing, vivacious, happy friend Astrid (or, something like that). In Lithuanian with English subtitles. Subtitles can be difficult to follow, but the dialogue is sparse in this film, so not an issue. Oh, and amazing small plane aerobatics - Lithuanians are crazy about small planes.

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