FreezeFest III: High Desert Artwork, Arches National Park, UT


That afternoon, after getting back to the car, we headed off to a panel of rock art, not more than a hundred yards off a major park trail. Some know of it, most don't. Heard there are many such places in the park.

Tom and Ram enjoying some backcountry artwork.

Ram and Artwork


Tall guys

Trio of sheep.


Some guy with a Mullet

Elk? Moose? Photo: Ryan Cornia

The boys had not had enough. A small canyon, with 3 raps and several downclimbs, filled the rest of the the day. A 50 MPH gust of wind sent a pack over a ledge and on down a 100 foot drop. It was retrieved, with only a broken water bottle to show for the trip. Slipped out in fading light...

The evening was spent up the Canyonlands Road, around another fire. The skies clouded up and the wind slowed, the ground dried and the temps stayed up. Fireside in my socks. Wow!