Singing Rock Versa Harness

Singing Rock Versa Harness


Good Harness at a Good Price

The Versa is a decent, adjustable leg loop harness designed for climbing, and is now my go-to harness for canyoneering with the addition of a Shufflebutt. Well proportioned, comfortable, "gear loops", reasonably light weight. The main webbing is small but stout and is holding up well.

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Works very well with a Scuttlebutt, one reason I like it.

The color is with blue tape rather than yellow, but who knows when they will change it.

The GEAR LOOPS are lame, and wear out and break fairly quickly. I can cut off the gear loops and put on two more-durable gear loops in their place for a few bucks. This makes the harness not really returnable... kinda sorta. Look for the "Add Gear Loops" item in the harness sub-category.

Sizes: two sizes: XS-M, L-XXL

Weight: L-XXL weighs 16.0 ounces, 454 grams


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