Restop 2 Human Waste Management System

Restop 2 Human Waste Management System

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Safely and conveniently pack out your poop. Part of keeping the canyons clean. All the cool kids are doing it!

A pretty slick system, actually. A big bag welded inside an extremely sturdy ziploc bag. Kitty litter to absorb moisture and help reduce odor. The finished ziplock bag is WAY sturdy, and reflective so it does not get real hot.

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Comes with TP and an anti-bacterial wipe to clean up afterwards. Safe and legal to dispose of in the normal trash. Before use the Restop is NOT waterproof, so I carry mine in a ziploc. I usually have one in my pack because pooping in a narrow canyon and leaving it behind is a bad idea.

Weight:  2.5 ozs, 57 grams

One use only (for most people).


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