Imlay Spry Backpack

Imlay Spry Backpack


Combining the best properties of Cordura and 'Vinyl' packs, Imlay ‘Hybrid’ backpacks are sophisticated, comfortable and feature-rich, plus are canyon-durable and drain well. The Spry is a nice size (28L) for quick day jaunts. Tough PVC-laminate armor on the outside - the bottom and the sides - makes it canyon-resistant; an expanding back pocket has enough space for a helmet; the side-winder handle works great in the narrow stuff; and we put in a plastic framesheet plus 1/2" of foam so it has enough support for carrying loads without twitching out the back. The Insta-Drain design lets water drain from the pack quickly when exiting a pothole.

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  • Shoulder Straps re-shaped to be wider over the shoulder while narrow toward the end.

  • Heavy mesh used for the side panel lining and for the top rim sides, to improve the durability of the pack.

  • Two-tone color scheme.


The two color combos on the Spry (and the women’s packs) are Red and Blue w/ silver; and Blue and Red w/ Silver. Last year, we would called them RED/BLU and BLU/RED. I thought it would be less confusing the call them RED and BLU. Both combos are pretty much half and half, with the color of the back pocket being the color the pack is called.

Weight: 3 lb 2 oz (1420 g) 
Volume: 28 Liters Body and Lid, 32 Liters including the pleated pocket

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