Canyoning in New Zealand by Daniel Clearwater

Canyoning in New Zealand by Daniel Clearwater


Amazing new (guide)book on New Zealand canyoning, to add to your collection of magnificent books. They have been doing a bunch of exploration of late, and Daniel is on the leading edge of NZ canyoning, and there is some pretty impressive stuff in there. Lots of water. Amazing rock. Fabulous canyons.

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And a fabulous book to lay it all out. Lots of full-color pictures, water gauging pictures, maps, clear explanations, topos. All the stuff the tippy-top best canyon guides in the world have, right up there with Eldorado Ticino and Grand Canyoneering.

464 pages

1 lb 13.5 ounces

833 grams

8-1/2" x 6" x 1" thick

Super fun!

imported from New Zealand


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