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Big Canyon, Little Colorado, Grand Canyon Canyoneering

I hurt. For me, hurting and the Grand Canyon go together like ham and cheese. In this case I hurt in many places: bruised feet, stiff quads, funky shoulder, left ankle a bit odd, and the lower back - of course. Unfortunately, this was BEFORE we headed into the Big Ditch, having spent three days with the Unbreakable Ram and Jenny the previous week.

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Waterholes Canyon, Arizona Strip

We were hoping and planning on re-engineering the BIG DROP to avoid the infamous Rope-Eating Crack, and to set it up so others could too.

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President Harding Rapid Stories, Grand Canyon

We had made our way down a canyon, then down the river a ways, the day before. Today's plan was to boat a couple of miles downriver to President Harding Rapid, then climb out of the Big Ditch at Eminence Break.

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