The Christmas Party Season with Canyoneers


Christmas time is here by golly, Deck the halls with hunks 'a holly...

Went to a few Christmas parties, so here’s some silly pictures of people…



Ms. Scotter, always up for a little socializing.

The mysterious Scott Holley put in an appearence. He DOES exist!

Steve, Roger, Steve.

Looks like Steve got a tongue lashing – er, something…

Visited with that mighty, handsome czar of BGT, Jerry Goller.

Quite a spread at the Arhart’s. I’m thinking those North Wash canyons are going to be mighty tight for a bit…

Archie and Bonnie having a good time. Well, at last she is.

Festive Christmas cookies.
Looking real close not advised for the weak of heart.

See what happens when you leave your digital camera sitting around.
Hmmm, maybe I should do that more often.

And a good time was had by all…