Ancient Anasazi Artwork in Canyonlands Needles District, UT


Went to the Canyonlands Needles District to look at artwork.

A “Many Hands” panel. We saw many of the “Hundred Hands Panels” on this trip. This particular panel is near the “Blue Heron”, which we did not see, because it is on the ceiling.

Archaic Portrait Gallery. Bunch of interesting anthropomorphs here, in the Archaic style, about 2000 years old.

Two guys hanging out.

Here’s a closeup of a couple of the hands.

Alicia had always talked about how fun Jeeping was. So we did. No good pictures really, cause the light was very bad, but the jeeping was really, really fun. I had NO IDEA one could get a vehicle up these things. In this pic, you can see where the Park has filled in some areas with concrete to control the erosion on this very popular Jeep Trail.

More charging up steep hills. Wow.

A Many Hands Panel near SOB Hill.

Hands and Feet! near SOB Hill.

Needles in the Sunset. We camped near Horsehoof Arch. Looked all around for the thing, but could not find it. Found out later it had collapsed 2 years prior. C’est la vie.

Alicia in the Joint Trail. Definitely a cool feature.

The corridor of cairns, leading into the Joint Trail.

And followed it into Chessler Park…

Amazing how many people were back there in the Needles, heading out to see Druid Arch on this quite chilly day in November.

Three Hundred Hands? Tucked under a rock, this amazing panel.
Then it got dark.

Devil Painting near SOB Hill, on the way out.

A Nice Archaic Anthropomorph near SOB Hill. This is surprisingly similar to the Archaic ones on the first page.

And time for the long drive back to Home Sweet Home.