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Lady Mountain Summit, Zion National Park, UT

After the Live Like Louis fest, a group of us wandered up Lady Mountain on a fine November day. Not all that eventful, really. We went up. There was some snow near the top that made finding the trail more difficult, and then getting back over to it quite dicey once we found it.  Lynn and I put in a bolt above the second step,for rappel and belay. With greater popularity of this route, it seemed like a good idea...

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The Barracks Hike, Parunuweap Canyon, Zion National Park, UT

An excellent adventure.  A second Zion Narrows? Hardly. Three stars on a scale of 5 - four stars if there were no cows. But the continuity and scale of the narrows of The Barracks do not compete with the North Fork Narrows. Just doesn't.

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Team Twilight Hiking Canaan Mountain, Hildale, UT

Together we formed Team Twilight, as we seemed to struggle with getting going before noon, and completed many of our activities just as the sun sank past the horizon.

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